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 the random Chat rpg thing

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PostSubject: Re: the random Chat rpg thing   Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:40 pm

your turn

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PostSubject: the random Chat rpg thing   Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:54 pm

this is for a standby project till we finish the rpg game
magic to target all enemies you have to halve the inital damage
Ice,Fire,Bolt,Water,Cure Mp cost: 4 Damage: 50
lv2 spells of above mp cost:8 damage:100
lv3 spells of above mp cost:16 damage:200
lv4 spells of above mp cost:32 damage:400
Temper mp cost 10: doubles attack for 3 turns
Protect mp cost 10 doubles defense for 3 turns
shell mp cost 10 doubles magic defense for 3 turns
btw the turns are not divided for all
Ultimate spells are unable to hit everyone unless described
Ultima1 mp cost 50 damage 500
Ultima2 mp cost 75 damage 750
Ultima3 mp cost 99 damage 999
Ultima4 mp cost all damage 999 everyone
Power UP mp cost 33 temper shell and protect all together
Power UP ALL mp cost 99 temper shell and proect all together on everyone

Items~unavailable at moment
Potion 25% of max hp
Hi-Potion 50% of max hp
X-Potion 75% of max hp
Full-Potion 100% of max hp
Ether 25% of max mp
Hi-Ether 50% of max mp
X-Ether 75% of max mp
Full-Ether 100% of max mp
Elixir all hp and mp 1 person
Mega Elixir all hp and mp everyone

Characters available(Atk is Physical Attacks)
Warrior of Light 100hp 10mp Atk1 Limit Break:Multiply into 4
Garland 150hp 15mp Atk1 Limit Break: sacrafice self for 2000 hp 0mp Atk0
Firion 200hp 20mp Atk2 Limit Break: Multiply attack by 8
Emperor 250hp 25mp Atk2 Limit Break:summon 9 1hp 1mp Atk1 soilders
Onion Knight 300Hp 30mp Atk3 Limit Break: increase Atk to 99
Cloud of Darkness 350hp 35mp Atk3 Limit Break: an attack that does as much damage as you have hp
Cecil 400hp 40mp Atk4 Limit Break: when used cecil is the only one that can be attacked for 1 turn
Golbez 450hp 45mp Atk4 Limit break: Meteor 255 damage to all enimes
Bartz 500hp 50mp Atk5 Limit Break: summons a chocobo with double the hp,mp,and strength of bartz
Exdeath 550hp 55mp Atk5 Limit Break:Heal to max hp can only be used once
Terra 600hp 60mp Atk6 Limit Break: Doubles hp,mp,and atk
Kefka 650hp 65mp Atk6 Limit Break: cannot be attacked for 1 turn
Cloud 700hp 70mp Atk7 Limit Break: Omnislash-16 physical attacks for double damage
Sephiroth 750hp 75mp Atk7 Limit Break: Die! sacrafice himself to instantly kill 1 enemy
Squall 800hp 80mp Atk8 Limit Break: Lion Heart- 8 physical attacks for triple damage
Ultimacea 850hp 85mp Atk8 Limit Break: Apocolypse uses 85 mp for 50% damage to all enemies
Zidane 900hp 90mp Atk9 Limit Break: Trance doubles atk every turn-but im this form zidane cannot be healed
Kuja 950hp 95mp Atk9 Limit Break :Trance doubles atk every turn-but im this form kuja cannot be healed
Tidus 1000hp 100mp Atk10 Limit Break: cannot be hit by physical attacks till death
Jecht 1050hp 105mp Atk10 Limit Break: x2 attack each turn but /2 hp each turn

you may recruit two characters per fight and each forum member is a character reply to this message about what limit break you want

more to come!!!

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the random Chat rpg thing
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